“Time is one of the most valuable things you can give to yourself”
Oprah Winfrey 
Covid 19 gave us a lot of time
Time with our family 
Time with ourselves 
Time to stay home
Time to notice things we never did before 
Time to appreciate things we never did before
Time for everything we ever wanted to do when we claimed we didn’t have time
Time can mean everything and nothing at the same time
Time apart can mean so little when you meet the right person. 
Time apart can mean everything when you’re with the wrong person. 
Time together means everything when you’re with the right person. 
Time together means nothing when you’re with the wrong person.
Time can change everything 
Time can heal everything. 
Time can take away everything
Time can give you everything
Time is unpredictable yet we know that our time is limited
We just don’t know yet, how limited it is
Time gives us experience 
Time teaches us lessons
Time gives us knowledge if we use our time wisely
Time slowly steals our life away yet gives us life at the same time 
Time steals our health, our strength, our energy away 
So we gotta remind ourselves to use our time wisely everyday. 
Cherish the time that we have with our loved ones. 
Our time, as much as our clocks and watches are moving forward, in reality, is counting down everyday. 
Even if we’ve lost time, we can still try to catch up. 
Because however limited time we have, we can choose to make the best out of it. 
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