Dear Grab Passenger,

There are some things that you should know about your Private Hire Ride and Private Hire Driver. (Whatever platform that you might be using- Grab, Ryde, Go Jek, Tada- because most drivers, like myself, are on all the platforms)

1. The reason behind drivers rejecting you and your baby/toddler without a baby seat is because
a) LTA will give us a fine, if caught
b) If there’s an accident, insurance doesn’t cover your baby (if there’s no booster seat)

2. The reason behind some drivers still accepting your trips, is not because it’s okay. But they are taking the risk because of the time and petrol wasted to go to your pick up point to pick you up. Not all drivers are willing to take the risk because it’s not worth it and you can’t expect all drivers to do the same for you.

So, please do us a favour, just bring a booster seat or book a Grab Family/ Taxi where baby/toddlers are legal.

3. Sometimes your driver gets so mad at you for waiting for you is because
a) They might urgently need to pee but just wanted to go for 1 last trip before they go to the toilet
b) You act like an ass and don’t thank them for waiting

Sometimes all you gotta do is just thank them if you don’t wanna apologise. And everyone feels happy. Everybody’s time is precious, not only yours. 5 minutes of waiting can get us another trip.

4. If you’re bringing a pet “illegally” – that is to say, you’re trying to avoid paying the premium prices on Ryde Pet or Grab Pet, please have the decency to inform the driver. You know you’re already saving at least $8 on the fare.
You should have the decency to
a) Inform them or ask them if they are okay with it
b) Make sure that your pet doesn’t free roam ie. walk on the seats, lick the windows, walk around the carpet, scratch the seats

The $8 extra that you’re supposed to pay is for the driver to clean up after you and your pet. Most of the time, after 1 Grab Pet/Ryde Pet passenger, the driver will have to stop and take time to clean up their cars before they pick up the next passenger. So if you’re not paying extra, don’t make the drivers do extra work.

It’s also for pet insurance in case of accidents (I don’t know how true this is tho)

And some drivers might be allergic to your pets.

I like pets and I always do Pet rides but there are times like when I just finished a car wash, that I don’t do these Pet Rides but I get people who bring their pets “illegally” without informing me and it annoys me.

5. When you change your destination, there’s a $3 charge.
So stop trying to “illegally” ask us to change your destination. Do it via the app. If it allows, it allows.

6. Stop trying to ask us to bring you to the ATM or to buy cigarettes. Each stop takes time and petrol.
If you’re willing to pay for our time and service, some drivers might be okay with it (but I’d still prefer not to). I’d rather finish the trip and get another passenger. Or I might (again be) holding my pee.

7. Stop asking if the car is a rental or our own.
Does it matter so much? Will you really believe us even if we tell you it’s our own? Will you stop judging us? Will you treat the car differently? Or will you dirty it more freely?

Whether the car is our own or rented doesn’t make us less rich or poor. It simply depends on what the driver wants and believes in.

8. Please stop talking as if you’ve swallowed a microphone. We’re in a confined space, and sometimes it’s deafening.

9. You don’t have to keep waving and waving to stop us. Yes, we can see you. We’re trying to find a better position to stop so that we don’t obstruct other drivers.

10. Whenever you ask us to turn right, you don’t have to keep repeating yourself, we most likely heard you. Even if we turn to look left first. We need to check for traffic before we turn right?

11. If you wanna PayNow, pay before we reach? It takes time to log in and sometimes, we can’t wait/stop at your destination.

We’re not gonna kick you out of the car once you’ve paid.

12. If you’re paying by cash, just give your money and we’ll give you the change in return. Why are you holding onto your money like we’re not gonna give you back your change? Why is it that we have to give you the change first then you can give us the money? You have nothing to lose but a few cents but we’ve lost time and petrol if you run away with the money and our change.

13. Not every Private Hire Driver is the same. We’re all doing this for different reasons. We earn differently, we work differently. Some are smarter, some are dumber. Don’t assume that we’re all the same.

14. You should carry your luggage/stuff. You’re paying for the ride to get from Point A to Point B. You didn’t engage a mover. Even if you book a Lalamove, you need to move your stuff yourself. If you require a mover, there’s an extra charge.

Some drivers are kind to help. But don’t take it for granted. Don’t leave your stuff and just board the car like it’s our job to carry your stuff for you.

Some drivers like myself, have back injuries due to accidents. We can’t risk aggravating our backs/necks for your luggage because it’s just not worth it.

We can try to help but help us too. Don’t just leave it to us and expect us to do it.

15. Please don’t wait for us at taxi stands or bus stops. We can’t stop there. We might get a fine and get our points deducted.

16. Can you please stop shaking your legs? We can feel it and it’s annoying.

17. Please know that we want to get to your destination as soon as possible. We don’t like to waste time our time too. We don’t intentionally take the longer route.

There’re times where we will want to take the longer route if it means less traffic lights or less traffic.

18. Please trust the GPS (99% of the time). It has brought us to many places and it tells us live traffic conditions that you can’t tell us.

19. If you’re thinking of bringing DURIANS – please DON’T.

If you really need to, please wrap it tightly and nicely.

I like durian but I hate the smell of it when I’m not eating it. I hate it even more when the smell lingers for a very very long time. And the smell of stale durian is a nightmare.

Can you imagine how it will affect the drivers who are stuck in a durian-smelling car and the passengers after you who will suffer?

Please be considerate.

20. If you’re really hungry and need to eat in the car, have the decency to ask the driver if he/she is okay with it. It’s basic manners.

If you drop/spill something, clean it up because we’re drivers. We’re not your maids.

If you eat candy, throw the wrapper elsewhere. Our cars are not your rubbish bins.

21. Just be nice and we’ll also be nice.

Thank you.

Your Friendly PHV Driver

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