I’m Carmen Ortega

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I brew Thai Iced Teas to sell at bazaars. But I also enjoying thinking of captions and puns for T.I.T. Singapore. 

At bazaars, I got to know many small businesses owners who are struggling with marketing and during down times, I went around sharing what I learnt about social media marketing for my own business. Then, I realised I enjoy being able to be of help to them. So I started Small Bosses, to help all Small Bosses who are running their business alone or with a small team. 

In a Few Words

Story of my Life

My Skills.


web design

I create Websites for your Small Business


social media management

I manage and create content for your Small Business


Copy Writing

I write your copy and captions for your Small Business



I design your artwork for your Small Business

more about me



I secretly think I was born in the wrong country. 

Books & Stationery

Comics, Audiobooks, E-books, Dystopian Literature, Notebooks

Cats & Dogs

I need some pets at home.


Looking for a permanent pool partner.